Grace Harmonious: A Jounery of Enlightenment.

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Grace Harmonious: A Jounery of Enlightenment.

Post  Skylore-Reborn on Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:18 am

This will be for any one of you guys who wants to add backdrop story's of your own to add to the Main Story line.

How would your character feel about a certain situation that has been brought up? Any cool back story you want to add to make the main a lot more deeper? Things like this are what you could do here. The possibilities are endless. Razz Have at it.

I wanted to make this as Clan interactive as possible, so no one would get left out Razz But don't feel obligated to do anything xD Dont sweat anything if you don't want. Razz Just sit back and enjoy the show. ^^

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