Poems by Ebony

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Poems by Ebony

Post  Ebonyekinshade on Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:29 pm

~Le Destine Novitia~
Under azure skies
my spirit flies
on wings of crystal and gold
like in days of old
soon to be renewed
returning home like oh so few
to life and joy
to be no more a toy
to shed my mask
finished be my task
with true speed do i soar
through sunshine or rainy pour
i shalt fear not anymore
of keepers of fate and lore
to once more see with eyes open
unclouded or lost to angers token
sight of ancient times regained
overcoming that which be pained
now at cast aside my cape
burdened with all life could drape
the time to arise has come
the fated work shall be done
all lost and all expired
though making more then most aspired
come has the time for sleep
beneath the shadows where none weep
so now my gear at last is dopped
as resumes what was stopped
to journey once more free
across air,land,and sea
roam some more so i shall
seeking no enemy or pal
but a home where to rest
as i await my next test
a bard now and forever i be
destined to eternally seek and see
at last me story is at a finish
a tale and chapter never to vanish
so dream on in eternal peace
safe in being not greatest nor least
till the sun and moon rise no more
on the sunset shore
and time itself loses all form....

i see not fame or glory
just to live my humble story
until my time at last does end
somewhere down this winding bend
that most call a simple life
and which i hope aint full of strife

~13 Stones of Destiny~
13 stones of ancient might
to each given an inner light
a gaurdian placed over each
to keep all from shadows reach
for when one who collects them does come
their wish shalt be done
yet ever wary be the user
for the gate of fate be a picky chooser

My job be finished, my task be done
all i lost,soon i won
until we meet again under the sun
hold onto memories of fun
until time be gone

~Art of the storm~
Thunder unending in its roar
as continues the rainy downpour
skys of gray
a price to pay
to live here and now
in this time and hour
tears of the sky
does answer the earths cry
quinching a deep thirst
not the last yet not the first
come again it will till time does end
slave to an unsure future around the bend
rains come and rains go
yet without them rivers cant flow
eternally our master yet a friend
and even light can it bend
but think not man be greater
in this mockery of lifes theater
come we all to play out part
in this theater of living art ...

~Le Destine~
winters cruel days come to a final end
as sumer rises around the bend
into shadows do some go
as time reumes its flow
here we are at the final rest
the eternal challange and test
warriors old and soldiers new
all eventually pass through
into destiny and into life
into that eternal fight
heaven or hell you decide
as you sit back and enjoy the ride
to love is easy
for oh so many
yet to live is harder
for those who cannot barter
give and take
sleep and wake
so many circles do we walk
as the planets to each other talk
walk in my shoes a day or two
under skies of azure blue
destined are we humble few
to nay return to those we knew
see what i see from my eyes
long to soar in the skies
pain and sorrow create what only time can fix
as our fates intermix
when at last you know what i know
you might understand at last my woe
see destiny no made
looming in the future or later today
i am a man lost in time
my only escape be these rhymes
here today yet gone tommorrow
my trail full of sorrow
for the bard there be no home
becuase he is always alone
like a stone in the sea
never to take a stand, yet never to flee
into destiny and beyond
i shall travel past ye shory ponds
going here and visiting there
my true master will you ever appear
and so ends my tale, my verse be done
may all you lose, soon be won
until we meet once more under the sun
and time itself is finally gone ...

i am a tower for those who need balance
a hand for those who need assurance
a light to those lost in shadow
a shield to those in inner battle
i am a tool to fate itself
and someday my place be among others on a shelf
until that time i do what i can
as my mind forever does ascend

~Le Destine De Cara~

nothing is without a price or cost...
unless it is something to bring a loss
for life was never meant to be easy
tranquil and ever breezy
we must make our own paths and see with eyes true
under these skys of azure blue
to live and die by our own choices
to scream our name with ancient voices
so that in the heavens above all may see
that we lived and died free
in a world made with honor and virtue
one any would be happy to go too
and mayhaps we can ascend to stars above
like onto the wings of a dove
our spirits eternally free forever more
never to feel a want or to ahbore
only time shall tell this much is sure
to those who strive for heart most pure

~Dragoon Memoria~
Here we are
fate has brought us far
through mist and destiny do we come
to ride we shall till task be done
and battles finally shall be won
under this crimson sun
spirits we might be of many lands
cast together by hidden hands
to ride the seas or walk the sands
we are humble ancient bands
our light the guides is within
giving us the power to win
against dire,loss, and fear
our path will always be clear
to judgement day at last is here
let hope from your heart never disappear
for we are ever near
the guardians of shield and spear

~Le Destine De Seni Gamata Shade~
the time has come
and here we be
working as one
children of air,land,and sea
what once was lost we have not found
our hope to dust cannot be ground
in this time of loss and dread
we will fight on even if dead
for you see we are children of one soul
our unity and hearts are finally whole
and no one force can make us fall
for we strive to endure above all
stubborn we are and ever shalt be
this fact you must believe
for we are areki
and on wings of faith,hope,and love do we fly
until time itself is destroyed
and all that lives is void
fight on we shall
for a pal
and for all who are in need
be it for justice or feed
now blooms the virtues seed
that dispels all greed
let our path be a beacon
so evils grip shalt crack and weaken
until it forever more does break and shatter
and no more exists that which makes us madder
the time has at last come to be at rest
this is the final test
will you pass or will you fail
will you fight or will you bail
only you know the answer my dear friend
only you will be there in the end
for soon i shalt be gone forever more
to battle the darkness all abhore
yet few see with eyes true
under skys azure blue
when that day comes at last
when my time here is long past
sad it shall be but worry not
twas a good battle fought
and nay are there anything to regret
so do not ever fret

~Scholarly Musings~
why are we here
how is it we persevere
what makes us so unique
that we can find most of what we seek
are we so different from all others
of our earth born brothers
that we must strive for what we done see
on mere faith and what we believe
our lives so short
the time not long till our souls report
from our frail and humble selves
to a place beyond waiting as onto toys on shelves
free from our husks and their limited eyes
no more worries about competitions or spies
freedom and our need to know
driving us to forever show
that we are truly here
not an illusion that will dissappear
but when will it at last stop
when will this balloon of madness pop
sending us back to what we once were
lives filled with peace and an existence sure
i know not for time to me has not blessed me such
and so i travel the roads with questions to munch
to study and learn and mayhaps explore
seeking what around the bend wait in store.......

things we seek in this frail reality
will we ever find them i know not
but they are that for which wars are fought
some spend eternity seeking them
yet never find them around the bend
only those with fate blessed
in halls ancient shall they be rested
with worry no more
and harmony galore
nay to raise a blade to fight
but dwell in holy light
content and now at peace
their inner wars finally will cease
these are the things blessed few find
even those with heart most kind
in these times of sorrow and want
our problems weighing us down like an elephant
some day i pray
the cost i must pay
so that my soul may to find at last
this peaceful place to be cast
and travel once more in humble paths
under azure skies troubled no more by old wraths....

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Re: Poems by Ebony

Post  Ebonyekinshade on Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:29 pm

~Le Destine De Reaper~
Wars fought by ancient blood
destinys shattered in a flood
why must this cursed path be mine
and not path of the divine
eluded i am by hopes way
for the bloodletting i shalt pay
in madness and sorrow i must walk
a task i must not balk
for to linger and to stray
is only to delay
that in the end what must be
to travel land air and sea
atoning for whats been done
for the lives lost in the battles won
mending souls destroyed
by those who with us toyed
casting us about like little dolls
us heeding to all their calls
we were blind and now do see
and with open heart believe
yet that is not enough for us
atone we must without fuss
for the evil we have spread
and those we have made to dread
to strive for a new clean start
and this time play it smart.....

Winter returns to a quiet land
a place of more wave then send
humble island to you does time cease
like an infernal chained beast
that which you know
starting to bit by bit slow
look around as once more falls the snow
an army of white starting to grow
cold and bitter yet holds joy within
what a curious creation for fate to spin
loved yet lethal to those not ready
mastered by few who werent steady
the plants slowly wilt and wither
as the cold drives its roots hither
deep into the ground does it freeze
with its icey handed breeze
with courage can it be endured
but the foolhardy nontheless will get bored
and trouble will brew
in places of which few knew
from lack to do and little to play
on these cold winter days....

here we are in this final time and place
see we now destinys face
gates long hidden and vales lost in the past
return to where they were fast
bringing with them memories thought long gone
making use once more to time a pawn
used and abused until we can stand no more
we rest and cry upon the floor
our screams against the bitter night
cry with all our strength and fight
no more will we let ourselves be used
for our eyes are open, minds no longer confused
the time is here the time is now
seek the truth and you will see how
to make your own destiny and take true form
be it cloth or armor ye shall adorn
stand tall and stand true for the time is soon
when collected shall be the eternal boon
the price payed by one and all
who seek to enter that sacred hall
where death is humble and time be done
our battle with control finally one
we of the areki are here for good
on lands where giants once stood
no longer shall we sit back and watch
as peoples lives are gambled and botched
rise up we shall for now and for good
awaken are we, the call understood
angels of vengeance once more shall take flight
may those who seek harm to others take fright...

~Areki Awakening~
we of the areki have arisen.....
the time for judgement is now.....
to we avenging angels a task is given......
to make all enemies and foes die or bow....
know us children and weep tonight......
for the world will be colored crimson from our final fight.....
we wont regret the innocents lost......
for they are but a fraction of wars cost......
the time of fate is at hand.....
the planet cries to us its demands.....
nature will have its wrath....
a wake of coffins will show our path........

~Areki in Flight~
the time for judgement has arrived
far too many souls have died
we the areki will avenge all who have fallen
as is true to our calling
through the flame we will endure
through the wave we will be pure
through the stone we hunt our prey
through the wind we keep armageddon at bay
children of the world unite
with us in this deciding flight.....

~Shadow Wars~
now i lay me down to sleep
i give the goddess my soul to keep
we are the last of the few of times old
who serve the goddess and the lord
we children of novitian ,we areki
on wings of azure do we fly
let all who seek to condemn us feel our sorrow
let all who seek to chase us feel our pain of tommorrow and let all that seek to harm us perish
for we will stop at nothing to protect what we cherish
for by the flames of retribution and the cold wasteland of the void
all that seek to end our dream shall die where they stand, for we are areki,children of pity devoid
and we never surrender
in wind, fire, water,earth,stone,spirit,air,thunder,or ice we stand firm in out beleifs for we are areki and above all we never quit or falter oh life ender

we of novitia are a curious but original lot
a world with a always evolving plot
though we dont always get along
everyone in novitia has a home and belongs
from the highest commander
to the newest of members
fate brings us together as one faction
our goals combining and uniting to form a nation
we of novitia will always soar
for as long as I can help it life will never be a bore

we are of The Night........
we are children of the black light......
the final battle has begun.....
let us show mankind fun....
all who oppose us will fall....
be they big or small....

~Voices in the wind~
time you be our eternal judge
yet you guide us without grudge
into lands of ancient day
a simple price do we pay
for truth kindness
to ye eternal witness
for love hope
so we can better cope
though the days might be long and hard
and the nights a tax on those of the bard
in light do we rise up and rejoice
and never look back on our choice
as our voices join the wind
with faith can we turn the bend
now fall the blossems of cherry to the ground
and what we lost have we found
a home,a life,a family at last
discard we can now our darker past
to walk once more on hollowed land
for met is the inner demand
with peace can at last we walk
as with friends do we talk
for within our souls be a jewel
a fragment that is fates eternal tool.....

~crimson snow~
in winters night have i seen the darkness
a bitter chill that ever harkens
it call and gnaws and ever does seek
hoping for a future dark and bleak
yet as the snow falls like frozen tears from the sky
on wings once more can we fly
for we know ourselves to be true
from days in the past when we flew
in azure sky and twilight night
trouble battle humble and viscious fight
crimson was the days long past
oh how they passed so fast
like a blur of madness and light
a dancer of knives ancient flight
but alas to what good
is a legacy hidden in a hood
when in the end nothing do you have
but a crimson snowy path
of what you did and what you were
when all your heart knew was how to hurt
sadness and bitterness are sour bedfellows
that dwell in those whos soul rests forever bellow
so try for the light and inner hope
and mayhaps within you can find the inner knight or pope....

~Within Wind and Stone~
written in stone some say mant things be
yet to those who with clear sight we see
only that which has been long gone and lost
ideal put forth at a great cost
for behind every notion, idea, and writ
a greater loss rests then any effect can hit
for we learn from mistakes always
as we walk these ancient hallways
looking upon what has come before
a peek into times hidden door
on a life long forgotten and sometimes dull
when someone felt fates pull
and answered with utmost zeal
rising to the challange without appeal
sometimes for good others for wrong
who is to say when beats destinies gong
perception my dear chap is the key
that decides who we be
is a man who runs a coward or brave
many judge on who he later does save
why must we judge on deed alone
and yet not on character atoned
here as i sit and write
within me brews an inner fight
for sorrow and anger intermix
in ways only they can click
for great is the woe that i do know
heavy is the burden i must tow
for my time is not yet come
for my day to at last be done
and my deeds be written within stone
while wind blows above my home of bone.....

~Trials of Sorrow~
to all comes a time when woe is at its peak
and inside they feel truely weak
for their loss be ever great
as cruelty visits their fate
to all who have known this time
felt the void within chime
and known sadness beyond true words
let me be truely forward
though death and pain be known too well
those we cared for know no more hell
at last true peace can they find
as they move on and leave us behind
its the memories we keep within our heart
that let us move on to play our part
and help others who have known what we do
to make the best of what they have been through
for if we close off our hearts and deny our selves
we might as well be toys on shelves
lifeless and without a soul
that which makes us full and whole
long does the bell toll
within us that burns like a coal
in throat and chest both
feelings few feel should be wrote
but screamed raging against the bitter night
fought with our souls in flight
in eternal battle against the cold
that knows not gender and cares not how old....

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Re: Poems by Ebony

Post  Ebonyekinshade on Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:29 pm

~Crimson Tears from the Skies~
Crimson tears fall from the sky as silent darkness comes
sins from the past we all shall bear for what mankind does,
into darkness and into night do we silent keepers seek
as from the innocent are culled those too weak,
shattered souls and crimson lakes slowly fill this ancient land
as chaos and death once more join hand in hand,
who are we to stand in its way us children of a forsaken time
our boddies fragments of what screamed once in our mind,
once proud and noble to a flaw
we headed not those who with eyes open saw,
our end upon the coming eve
with false hope and insight we let others decieve,
now in the darkness do they travel
creatures and beings bent on a single goal to unravel,
all that we have made and all that we once were
to be gone leaving not even a memories blur,
erased to the last without any hope
how can we who stand remaining cope,
in time mayhaps we will also see
what fate means us to be......

People say many things but when the time of truth comes do so little
are souls truelly so false and brittle,
that what they say is a lie to what they do
do they not know anything true,
its often said that the greatest men are known to all
yet why is it they are only seeable once they fall,
and martyrs are they for a cause they might have known little about
becuase of word passed from one to another from mouth,
so many decieving lies in this cruel dark world
hopefully truth will cleanse all soon in a glorious caring swirl......

Times and tides forever entwine
as decided be destiny divine
many choices many a path
will it lead to heavely treasure
or hellish wrath
only fate knows as we walk on feet unsure
seek we do a hidden guide
as we live this destiny divine
but will it help us we cant know
until at last its hand it does show
and by then its far too late
accept we must our chosen fate
as we cross that sealing gate
and wonder what might have been
as we sit,tranquil in fates den

~Random Musings~
a tear drop falls to the ground
another party says its goodbyes
why must the world be so cold and cruel
why must we strive only to fall and die
life our eternal judge and master
keeps us running ever faster
in the end when we rest
we learn just how we faired on this test
of twists and turns and hidden doors
a life that is fun yet ever bores
so fragile yet our only rope
from a pit of eternal despair
from which there be no repair
here comes the reaper i know him well
to take my soul to heaven or hell
some fear others rejoice
for eaches destiny has been decided by their choice
of how they took their humble path
victems now for their own wrath
their decisions come back to ever haunt them
in that final cold sweet end................

~Le Destine De Des~
In all things is pain, in all things sorrow...
no one knows what awaits them tommorrow...
all we can do is try our best
in this eternal confounded test
where we are but pawns at times it seems
as sanity and reality seem to be torn apart at the seams...
some have asked how i can rest at night as i am and will ever be
all the while they are blind and cannot see
that i live my life one day at a time and face my inner demon
and in the end the truth alone will remain
for i hide not from my pains and problem many
todo so would be unwisest of moves of any
death be thou not humble and nor be i
if it wants me its gotta fight
for on wings of inspiration and hope does my spirit fly
and onto life do i hold tight
any who think they can live my life better let them come and try
but mine be one spirit that wont quit and die
a child of le lune and brother of pain and flame
i walk the balance between the mad and the sane
born under a water sign
fighting against my lifes design
with an ever expanding mind
who knows what at journeys end i might find
but when at last i do lay down that final time
never again will i rise and rhyme
for only when i have no more to give will i lay to rest
the burden thats ever been part of my test...
my life, my love, all that i am and will ever become
will only be put aside when i am done.........

~Choices of Fate~
As time goes on the music does fade
turns now does another page
what was shall be no more
what is shall arise from where it was stored
we are all children of fate in one way or another
guided by faith and earth mother
but when we reach beyond what we are
we at times crash or excel rather far
to soar or dive that is for you to decide
for soon comes the defining time
will you give into that blessed sweet silence
or take up arms and fighting stance
will you bow down and except defeat
or brace for battle on marching feet
we are what we beleive we can be
this has been made clear for me to see
when the last page finally turns
and the world with darkness or light burns
only then will it be too late
to decide you own fate......

Sages and seers, ancients with peer
who are we to know what form they shall wear
a message comes in many forms
in words, in symbols, in letters torn...
in ancient day by oiled flame
or darkest night by light of the sane
truth wears many masks
and walks ever more paths
who are we to judge what is and will be
if we are blind in what we see
take a trip with me in my trip
as from the glass of probabilities do we sip
hundreds of choices and thousands to come
each resolving when one decision is done
but what of those other roads
do they vanish like shriveled toads
forgotten as life speeds on over them
bringing their existence to a possible end
or do they merely wait their turn
for their candle to finally burn
and it be their chance to make
their path to take
and our dream from which to wake
and see gone all we forsake............

~Duel of Ebonys Heart~
Stars of winter night
eyes open with new sight
as the claws and blades clash one more
seen is a beauty few can properly adore
now to walk upon a new path
to face eternal bliss or past wrath
only time will tell
if this will become a personal heaven or hell
a walk of a million days begins within
leading one to justice or sin
as ones heart burns and blazes
eyes clouded by loves hazes
what truelly is love to be so strong
to take on madly on a journey long
through cold winter nights
and burning summer fights
the blood boils faster and hotter
to a point control is a bother
and so wages within a eternal battle
that seperates the strong from the cattle
to resist long enough to be whole
or to give in like a lowly vole
the heart and mind wage war on one another
like twin dueling brothers
while the soul sits back and waits
for the revealing of the cards of fate.......

~le destine goldenmyst~
in times of sorrow
when unclear is tommorrow
a shining hope awaits within
for those who can look past their own deepest sin
darkness and doubt
cannot bring about
what the heart desires
that which fuels peoples fires
can you see into your soul
will you make the kingdom whole
ask yourself as you look deep
let the truth inward seep
only you know the answer
how to cure this inner cancer
the fate of many rests in you
show them the path that is true
now is the time now is the place
the final test the final race
if you can find within the needed peice
the kingdom at last will be at ease....

~Clear Eyes~
once was a time when i saw clear
when my eyes were open and there was no fear
then i saw something i wanted not to see
in my heart i wanted to not beleive
but truth cannot be hidden from in a cave
it must be faced by soul brave
embracing what was denied
letting my soul become in pain deep fried
at last i know my purpose and path
no matter the cost or the wrath
to tell the tale of the lost lands
as the ancient knowledge expands
forever true must i be now
in this time in this hour
with these words do i tell how
to give back the land its power.....

~Coming Storm~
shatter dreams sing a distant lullaby
as cries of chaos fills street and sky
on wings of judgement shall they fly
nightmares like unto the areki....
times change and seasons shift
deep within forms a darkened rift...
who can say where the line will stop
on whos toes the pawns trod and hop
as we dance to this jesters bebop
as others open their weapon shop.....
people must open their eyes and choose their path
despite the danger and ignoring the wrath...
if we cant find the truth within
we cannot help but walk the path of sorrow and sin...
shed your doubts discard your fear
do not let stand the obstacles that appear...
know yourself and be ever true
lest the times be as a sword running through....
shattered are those who hesitate or flee
spreading chaos and disorder like a disease
through truth and honor may we rise once more
and stand through another disasters downpour...

~Prelude to Destiny~
sands of time
the gift of the rhyme
beat a steady pace
in this deadly race
with clear eyes must one see
with a true heart beleive
those who falter those who stop
fall into the hands of those who plot
and lose their way into the dark
forever sealed outside destinies ark
slowly the hand of time begins to turn
the lit fuse starts to burn
time grows short and hope dim
as is drawn the blades from patience thin
statues weep as the wind begins to raise
sung less are songs of praise
unto what shalt we raise our eyes
when we know not who to trust and who to despise...

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Re: Poems by Ebony

Post  Ebonyekinshade on Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:30 pm

~Rebirth of the Soul~
time stands still as the winter draws closer
swords are taken up and shield drawn nearer
as is rebuilt once what was on ancient land
a kingdom reborn with a strength drawn stand
eyes gazing forth not into past regret
but into a future free of doubt or fret
join me brothers and sisters alike
let the wings of change take us in its flight
into a better tommorrow and day
making the obstacles fear and pay
that should rise before and block our path
and delay us from our task
now is the time comrades to remember your homes name
and speak it proudly recalling its fame
that it may stand once more on these shores
people returning to long forgotten doors
and living in the hollows of the myst forever more.....

~The Call~
sword,staff,bow,and spear
destinies hidden slowly appear
darkened ways become lit
rejoined is the gates that split
a new chance a new light
a second chance for change and flight
into a new day a better hope
carried on the voices that spoke
we open our eyes we listen to the winds silence
through stone ever dense
past waves ever cold
in fires that challange many bold
a call comes forth and we lift our heads high
looking to the ancient sky
to home we once more begin to treck
no matter what through hell and heck
we will do what must be done
with our hands of flesh and blood.....

spirits,souls,eternally there yet hidden
come and go when they will it and not when we bid them...
strength of soul,will of mind
sought by those both cruel and kind....
who is master and who is slave
in a world stripped clean of its brave....
soldiers sent like sheep into the grave
children abandoned into hands of the depraved....
in these times of blood and sorrow
we must rise up and look towards tommorrow....
raise up of ye of true heart
fight with all within to make a better start...
for if we just lay down and die
severed will be our souls wings before they learn to fly....
in times past and times of pained
we looked within and in doing gained....
the power and will to live another day
though with blood and sweat and tears did we pay....
so that those that would come after us wouldnt suffer
that our sacrifice would form a buffer...
but the children did not learn from our past
and so we have come to this time at last....
we darkness and suffering once again return
and our passions we have within burned...
scream across skies of crimson and black
as fall the hands bloodless and slack....
people gambling their fates like its a simple coin toss....
we need once more to awaken the fire within
and find a future we can live in...
for one for all lets stand again tall
so once more happiness and joy can fill our hearts hall...
and we can once more stand in light unburning
our souls clean and learning....
look to the past and rise up again
children of gaea and of the human.....

slowly i opened my eyes looking unto the heaven
around me was littered the bodies of my brethren,
a life cut so short and so needlessly
their seeking of glory severed recklessly,
i glance around and see my sword laying in the ground
in the distance i hear the battles horn,
i hear but within i do weep
for within does the sorrow seep,
that on this day that i must fall
because of anothers foolish call,
i dream of those who came before me
and wonder if with eyes true did they see,
or if they were blinded by greed and hunger
to make such an selfish blunder,
to send my brothers and me to die as so
just to deal a blow to anothers ego,
did we expend our lives without cause
it gives my hands a moments pause,
before i step forward and resume the battle
sent off to perish like to the slaughter sent cattle,
for as they say a soldier should not think but obey
and so i set off to die this day....
the sun sets low on the hill
my eyes are lifeless as vultures eat their fill,
fallen have i for an idea not mine
and so now do the scavengers dine,
upon another lifeless husk
laying forever as settles the battle dust.....

~chosen paths~
life what truelly is it
that at its end death should visit....
are we meant to die like the humble fly
or soar above in azurish sky....
as i sit here i do ponder
what lies within the soul chest of wonder....
i once saw with eyes so clear and heart unburdened
but over time my eyes hardened..
sorrow and loss tore away at me and ate their fill
lost was something unreplaceble by a pill...
the light did dim the shutters began to close
what little strength i had could not oppose....
but then i saw a light beyond myself and rose again
finding where i was standing my friends were helping me mend...
a new perspective a new hope
the power inside and outside to cope...
with pain,with sorrow,with judgement cleared
my paths once more before me appeared...
never again i have decided will i just sit back
i refuse to let my body get any more slack...
so from this day i once more stand up and look to the sky above
and will fight not just for myself but those i love...
for alone i fought before and found it a sad road
a place where only the lost find abode....
i am not alone and never again shalt be
for i find strength in those around me...
and together we are one
and my choice is done....

the road...so quiet as the darkness sets....
demons and angels each taking their bets.....
who will live who will die....
as sounds the ravens shrilling cry......
a gasp of breath a dance of leaves.....
tears falling as blows a chill breeze......
who are we to intervene...
when cross we deaths bloody scene.....
pain,sorrow and laughter such a strange mix.....
as junkies of battle get their daily fix....
causing sorrow,sowing grief....
ending lives early already so brief....
i wonder who will cry for me.....
when my time comes mayhaps we will see....
and dance for me the fiddler might....
again on that summers night......

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Re: Poems by Ebony

Post  Ebonyekinshade on Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:34 pm

sounds of rain on a summers day....
ancient memories of love and of pain...
we open our eyes to the world around us...
ever busy in its chaotic fuss....
we look upon those who have come before...
hoping to fly higher then they did soar....
memory of joy,song of sorrow...
melding together to make the new tommorrow.....
who are we,what are we some will ask....
and place upon the answering to be anothers task...
for they see not that all are one....
and in the end together the jobs are best done...
our skin,hair,race,and class....
matter not when the time is past....
all that matters is what we do...
as the drumbeat of time continues to march through....
i stand upon the hill and look at those beyond me...
with eyes unclouded by sorrow or hate do i see...
my past, my present and my drawing future....
and i embrace what is to come and will be with mind pure....
in hesitation lies death and despair...
in fear rests regret and disrepair....
so these i shed as forward i move....
on my own feet by my own groove....

i stand upon the hill and count my days
the many prices one in life pays
i look back and remember times good
i recall where i have been and with whom i have stood
then to now do i see
with eyes unblinded by desire or greed
i am at peace with whom and what i am
and so i can face the future as i stand
with my friends and family alike
feeling not the sting of angers spite
yet knowing that in days to come
troubles will arise one after another until shadows are done
and a price of blood it will cost
to amend what the soul has lost
for nothing in this world is free
a saying true i have come to beleive
deep down there is always a price
be it hidden or decided by a roll of a dice
heed your past remember who you are now
be not a docile as the cow
for todo is allow the darkness within to thrive
and your life to take a spiral dive
into flames and into blood
flowing like a rivers flood
down the hills of your soul
no matter the amount never making you whole
sorrow,regret,pride such hollow goals
resting on high horses on thier poles
unneeded for the days that will arise
when we all will be surprised....

~sands of time~
the sands of time slowly fall away....
life turning from night to day...
we open our eyes....
we sing to the skies....
who lives far above the milky clouds....
far from sorrow and inner doubts....
above use yet not to far.....
bearing not the humanly hearts scar......
living in yet not alive...
the soul must take a dive....
and then to itself shall it find....
that which makes it whole and divine.....
so many days have gone on past...
so many tears fall before the last....
of times when wars were plenty and beer so swell...
people cared not who they sent to hell.....
they cried to each other....
yet worried not for the striken mothers....
hearts weeping in castles aplenty....
soldiers falling in the droves of many.....
in days of sorrow and long past due....
only the ones to themselves true...
stood upon the hill and thus we knew.....
that the battle was over,the darkness through....

~feathers of the dove~
winter blades dance to the song of the soul
blood pools and congeals as hearts cease to be whole...
darkness takes flight on wings in blackest night
another falls in the bloody eternal fight....
the dancers begin to gather the stage starts to raise
people sing to a devils crown silent praise....
what is seen what is hidden becomes confused in clouded illusion
as blades dance around those who might case intrusion....
yata garousu takes flight this night far above
blood wings dropping their feathers around those of the dove....
a shadowed hand a blacked grip
cold eyes filled with mirth as life they do sip....
when will it all end
what looms around yonder bend....
as we look we need to see with eyes clear not stained
at what is revealed no matter how pained...
and maybe then we shalt see the light to come
or alas the end of all that has been done....

~Requim of ebony~
shadows painting the day as the darkness begins to stir,
from the blackness a yearning that does twist and burn....
deep within the soul that knows not limit or fear,
no matter what walls or hinderances might appear....
its cut is deep its waves are sharp,
much like a fine tuned masters harp....
it raises the dead from their sullen silence,
inviting them to one more nocturnal dance....
under blood moon and in twilights eve,
a feeling that seeks to help not hinder or decieve...
it be freedom it be hope,
that which ceases us when we mope....
giving us a shield when protection is needed,
a sword when an obstacle needs to be beaten...
wings to our soul and a smirk to our lips,
as to its wild joyous beat do we sway our hips......

Flower petals flow in the sunlight
the battle born blood dries from sight....
shattered swords and broken shields litter the field
cries of sorrow rise some unto deafness these appeals....
a blacked hand raises to the sky in anger its soul screaming
as the sun sets on a landscape with little life of redeeming...
why is asked in such a flood
yet it is too late now that death has tasted of blood...
the darkness of the soul the light of the spirit
blending into a spire of merit...
some descending from life as others transcend into the next
those left behind sorrowed and vexed....
and death sitting watching a silent judge to this entire affair
knowing that though some promise no more it will repeat in future near...
a single crimson tear falling as scythe is lifted
resuming its duty to escort from life those who have drifted....
the future repeating in an endless bloody cycle
as people quarrel in name of just cause or ancient bible....
'they ask why' it says as head does shake
'and yet it says 'from this path they have yet to awake'....
maybe in another century it thinks to itself
people will learn to not harm but help.....

from the seed the rod does grow strong
and from this rod it forks our path to do right or wrong....
a tool is what we make of it
a path unclear and only in cruel hands unfit....
to create beauty or destroy what displeases us is but a straw away
do we have the strength of soul to keep this darker path at bay....
time slowly opens its doors as the chapters unfold like pages in a book
some eager and some afraid to within look....
but the clouding of the eyes even with knowing what is to come
has made many a potential good slowly come undone....
like a knife cutting at the weaving of what might have been
some who disliked a choice have crushed it with fear not of sin....
the tears they left painting a new future and new path
like a sword they slice our promised potential in half....
denying what might be in a faint glimmer that things will be as they dream
yet not realizing they are at times running past point that can be redeemed......
for like a marble dropped into a pool of water
each ripple each disturbance might be making their dreams hotter....
until like a ball of flame it burns itself out and leaves behind only ash
and another history of sorrowed past....
will we ever learn from this
and if so how will we reword our souls wish....
the choice is within your hands to do with as you please
be ye healthy or of fatal disease.....

Azure Dreams...

Time, sifting through the miasma of eternity
as life and death dance into obscurity
the sands sift so slow
the pendelum shimmering a nocturnal glow
ages born and planets sing
as around we turn in fated ring
of twilight and down that knows no end
nor of what at times awaits around the bend
a mountain of dust
a machine deep in rust
natures decay bringing life to bloom
until the time comes to be born anew....

It Begins....

angels born from the darkness below
a destiny turned upside down as falls a crimson snow
the past repeats in bloody shadow
deep below beating the hearts of battle
gone are days of sword and shield
as a pale eclipse sunders the field
what was once tranquil and fresh
lasts not even at its best
for in the black darkness that has come forth
the silence begins to fall on voices that used to report
a whisper of things to come has fallen
on form of both man and woman
and should the call not be headed once more
what remains will not even be callable poor
for in ash and fire...
twilight terror and heavens pyre
we have opened the door to jackels feast
a step to close i say to that eternal beast....

Paths opening

listening to the soft whispers of the winter wind
relaxing as muscles stretch and tear before the time comes to mend
the shadowy chill of time seeps deeply into my soul
as i contemplate that which makes me truelly whole
is it love that burns like fire...
or mayhaps a life of fighting that ends like a eternal pyre...
the choices or paths i take spinning a map and yet a maze
full of emotional frozen shoulders and blazing waves....
to choose to rise with those around
or sit and ponder letting my feet stay on the ground
i choose the path that is right for me i feel
and seek not to justify those or demand to them i appeal
for this is my truth, my justice within given verse
its path i shalt follow until my time comes to ride the white herse
down that silent graven path of rest
that takes all the strong and weak, worst and best.....
and so i ask ye which path you choose to take
will it be this one or one to which you have yet to awake
the doors are opening even in this time of silence
be they hard or easy, filled with sorrow or the joys of romance
they await but your hand and words to summon
the destiny of the soul that is yours and mind in form common.....

~the fool~
the fool, the jester the joker of time...
playing his fiddle his feet beating to a his own rhyme....
the paths before him any and diverse...
and in some cases rather perverse....
but what lies within is hidden by his mask...
a mysteryand riddle that only time upon which doesnt have to ask....
and what lies down his wild chaotic road....
your guess is as good as that of even a toad...

~minor musing~
what truelly is normal...
but a delusion best left to the overly formal...
for in diversity and the unique strain....
can we test and tug at each others brain...
a dance of wits rather then of fists.....
where sometimes a word can do more then a simplist of kicks.....
what is wrong in being diverse good man when it is being true to one self....
be you humanoid,ancient, or lonely dark elf.....

~Gravekeepers Requiem~
the moon it dances with a demons grin,
licking up into its crimson form the condemned sin.....
of the humans whos days are at an end,
no more sunrises to gaze upon around the bend.....
what final moments to pass before their dying minds,
to be picked clean by the devils who enjoy decaying finds......
in shattered dreams and broken hope,
decrepit fingers claw at what they think will allow them to cope....
but illusion, illusion and folly it proves to be,
that these hollowed eyes do see.....
and so the sun will soon rise anew upon the lands of the dead,
and the shadowed fog will creep back into its bed....
to await the coming night again,
when the dead shall dance and rise from their earthen den.....

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Re: Poems by Ebony

Post  Ebonyekinshade on Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:34 pm

shadows and mist.....
rising from the soul abyss.....
what was,is and shalt come....
carving its name in the book of what is done......
blood and fire swirls in the pot.....
its rage and sorrow glowing red and hot.......
the times grow late as darkness sweeps nigh....
bound are the winds wings no longer to fly.......
and from what was shalt return something old....
something missing and something bold.......

the pale blossems of winter fade into the crimson flames of the summer twilight.....
days flow into one another beyond count or sight.....
silent whispers linger in voidian embraces.....
as hidden remain the many sides of the fates faces.....
what was is and shalt be again.....
shaped and rewritten by things beyond yet of man.....
through many doors and many floors and tasks unseen....
waiting in solitude a world few would in believe.......
the cup passes a teardrop falls....
silence waits in darkened halls......
the memories like ghosts in truest glamour......
tributes hidden in stone of great victories and failure........

we stop before the burning sea as the ashes swirl in the wind...
our gazes taking in what we cannot mend.....
broken and lost what was held in treasured care.....
burned and shattered the grass one green and fair.....
dreams cast aside and virtues misplaced....
as a test of darkness and flame we did face.....
the question never solved the task never completed....
and in the end what couldnt be lost was further depleted....
sacrificed and lost and thrown aside....
and yet from it came new life for all to find....
rebirth and regeneration refills the land.....
all it asks is that we lend a hand.....

~The hidden~
Time trickling through the rivers of the mind
i ponder at what i will eventually find
in these days of chaos and disorder
walking along destiny's hidden border
a maze, a riddle a pox it can be
as one sits before lifes enigmatic problem box
and alas not all we see can we beleieve
lest we descend harshly upon fates more jagged rocks
so with feathery steps do we walk
and with painted words with which to talk
a balance beam of mind and mouth
lest something unwished accidently cometh out......

Light shimmering and reflecting like a dancer in the night
to some it does bring joy but to others it can bring a fright
as it plays like the butterly gone yet hidden in pain sight
ever eluding those who try to claim with only might
it fills many with a soothing warm delight
as they walk the balance between wrong and right
and travel daily to the beat of the fated fights.....

~Memoirs de winter~
Flames flickering like children at play
as turns slowly the wheel that is the day
the winter times slowly drawing near
people waiting with eyes eager for snow to appear
the joys and sorrows blend into one
as preparing for winter does inevitably come
to rush and dance like a swarm of bees
all in preparation of what is and will always be.....

~Nomadic Requim~
Mountains of shimmering sands
hidden treasures under the land
and asking of their people strong but firm demands
the suns wrath a firm reprimand
liquid tears of the sky
send these earthen souls to fly
as hope is seen to keep them alive
in their struggle daily to get by

~from one to all~
Falling tears of the sky
crystalline lifegivers to many an eye
they flow onto the earthen maze below
to nourish and help what many hands do sow
a seed,a life, a riddle unopened yet known
waiting for their day under the sun to be shown
to shine like a star under the sun
and let fate take it for a run
to join the strings that the sisters do spin
a road with few worries if one will lose or win.....

~Hands of the Clock~
I watch the hands of the clock tick by
as the days past me do fly
seasons shifting and swaying like a dancer
knowing not single form nor master
and yet in harmonious dischord do they converge
in time of hours,days,and months do they merge
to smoothly form the chaotic order that we all see
and the occassional miracle that helps us believe
in something greater that will always be....

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Re: Poems by Ebony

Post  czdragon on Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:18 pm

nice poems ^^... reading it right now... bounce

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Re: Poems by Ebony

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