Lets get this Trade commune going guys ^(^O^)^

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Lets get this Trade commune going guys ^(^O^)^

Post  Skylore-Reborn on Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:19 pm

ok for this to work there needs to be a couple rules:

A: please make a Screen shot of what it is your selling, and that means the items info screen
*for example*

B: state the name of said item just for reiteration. ^^ it never hurts!
*as in example*
I'm selling Incense of Experience (x3) (im not really this is just an example) Basketball

C:And last but not least(and most important of all) state how much you want for said item and when and where to trade it . bounce
*as in example*
I'm selling it for 100k a piece (thats actually a good price o.0) can meet in Babel Channel 5 anytime your willing Smile

Hope this gets going good! Laughing

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