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Sprite Tribename Gathering/Crafting Abilities

Sunblaze Mining Foraging Crafting: Axes
Starsong Mining Foraging Crafting: Mallets
Fairflower Mining Foraging Crafting: Bows/Arrows
Nightwind Mining Foraging Crafting: Swords
Holylight Mining Foraging Crafting: Shields
Silverleaf Mining Foraging Hunting
Moon Mining Foraging Crafting: Staves
Deepfathom Mining Foraging Crafting: Muskets

Bloodhammer Mining Hunting Crafting: Armor (Fighter)
Rainbowmist Mining Hunting Crafting: Armor (Spellcaster)
Windstorm Mining Hunting Crafting: Armor (Hunter)
Silverneedle Foraging Hunting Crafting: Armor (Acolyte)


Sprites have three different stages of evolution.

Stage 1: Blob-head! Your Guardian Sprite will start out as a cuddly little blob that just loves rolling around.
Stage 2: Sprites gain a body at this stage. (Your Character level 21)
Stage 3: Sprites grow wings! (Your Character level 51)

When a Sprite's experience bar is full, you can speak with the Sprite NPC in Ilya to begin the evolution process!

Overall Mood

Sprite moods are displayed at the top right of the sprite interface. If a sprite is happy or ecstatic, it can be summoned to a player's side! Summoned sprites love to be helpful, and will carefully pick up treasure from killed monsters. If a sprite is feeling sad, try pressing Chat to cheer them up.


Sprites can only perform one task at a time (see Gathering/Crafting for more information on tasks). While they are crafting, they work at their Worktable. When busy, they will put up a signboard in their interface as a reminder.

Sprite Stats

* Exp: Sprites gain experience while you level!
* Intimacy: the bond between you and your sprite.
* Vitality: Sprite's overall energy.
* Skill Level: How advanced each skill is, and the progress towards the next skill level.

Equipped Items

Sprites can have several different items equipped. Some make them happy, while others provide bonuses to the player!

* Costumes: Sprites can wear hats and clothes (clothes require evolution stage 2).
* Emblems: Sprites have 2 slots for Emblem cards. These provide various benefits, depending on the card.
* Furniture: There are 3 Sprite furniture slots: front left, back left, and Worktable. A Worktable is required for crafting.

Altar/Sprite King

Sprite King Map Altar Coordinates
  • Bodor Kaslow Plains Grassland Altar 249, 516

  • Alice Moonlight Forest Forest Altar 393, 557

  • Ronto Steam Mine Altar of Sands 379, 426

  • Smulca Belcar Plateau Highland Altar 317, 435

  • Ewan Black Swamp Altar of Spirits 97, 895

  • Bahado Southern Island Deep Sea Altar 437, 702

  • Quill Scorching Wind Desert Hurricane Altar 704, 30

  • Mosunk Land of Sighs Altar of Serenity 641, 899

  • Jundo Gaia Woodlands Eternal Altar 330, 798

  • Siropas Blakatoa Range Black Flame Altar 670, 830

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