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Friends/Guild Guide

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Adding Friends

There are three ways to add someone to your friends list. If you enjoyed playing with someone, add them so you can play together in the future!

* Method 1: Select the person you want to add, then right click their profile picture (top middle of the screen). Select Add from the menu.
* Method 2: If the person you want to add has been chatting, right click on their name in the chat window. Select Add from the menu.
* Method 3: Open the Social Window to view your Friend's List (press "O" on the keyboard, or click the mini-menu icon). Click the Add button and type in the player's name. Press OK to add them.

Once a player is on your friend list, you can see their level, class, and location. If they are not online, they won't show up unless the "Offline" checkbox is checked. If you right-click on a friend's name, it will bring up more options such as form a party, whisper, and more.

Removing and Blocking

The same methods for adding friends can be used to remove them from your friend's list, or even block them. In addition, you can right click on their name in your list as well.

Parties and Guilds

Interacting with other players is easy! Join together in parties to share quests, bash through dungeons, or take out bosses. Be a part of a Guild for extra bonuses, guild chat, and more!

Sometimes it's not wise to attempt a dungeon alone..
Party Search

LF2M, dps/heals then g2g, pst

To enter the LFG (looking for group) chat channel, type Ctrl+L. This lets you search among other players also looking for a party. Also, in the Social Window there is a "Search" tab that will allow players to search for others of a specific level range or class!

If you do not wish to receive invitations, you can change your options in the System Menu (Esc).

Being in a Guild offers a large number of benefits, and makes it easier to keep in touch with a large group of friends!
Creating your own guild is something to cheer about!
Creating a Guild

In order to create a guild, players must meet the requirements:

* Character must be level 16+
* Cannot currently be in a guild
* Cost: 3 Gold

Once the requirements are all met, players can create a Guild at the Guild Official. They can be found in all Capital Cities.
Guild Official (Map Icon):

Once a guild is created, the guild name will appear over the head of all guild members. From that point, the guild creator can recruit new members, assign custom ranks, set guild taxes, and more!
Guild Abilities

As guilds level up, they are able to hold more members!
Level your guild with guild quests! Available at Guild Officials.

Guilds provide a great number of benefits, and some scale with the level of the guild. As a guild level goes up, the number of custom ranks and maximum number of members also increases.
Level Benefits
1 Maximum guild members: 25
Custom Ranks: 2
2 Maximum guild members: 35
Custom Ranks: 3
3 Maximum guild members: 50
Custom Ranks: 4
4 Maximum guild members: 75
Custom Ranks: 5
Guild Message Board
Guild Features

Customizable Ranks
Each guild has ranks (up to 5 at guild level 4) that can be given custom names. To change the rank names from default, click the Social tab in the Guild Menu, then click the Edit button in the Guild Ranks section.
Alteration of Guild Powers
The Guild Leader can set power levels for each rank in the guild, but some powers are only usable by the Leader (tax rate, disband, etc).
Guild Chat
Guild members can all access a Guild Chat channel. This helps players keep in touch with each other across all zones!
Guild Message Board
At level 4, guilds gain access to the Guild Message Board. The Guild Leader can set permissions for Message posting through the guild ranks.

Mail System

Mailboxes are located throughout the world of Saphael to help players keep in touch! They can be used to send text, items, and even gold coins!

Text Mail
Messages that are text only will be deleted after 15 days.
Items and/or Money
Messages that contain items and/or money will expire after 3 days, and the contents will be returned to the sender.
Returned to Sender
Messages that have been returned to their sender will be deleted after 10 days, including items/money.

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